I'm Maria del Mar, I`m live in Lanjarón.I`m have two children the five and tree years old. I`m learnig inglish.

Never is late. I`m have twenty eight years old, i`m studient the tourism in Órgiva. I like drow square, i play de guitar and walking.

Yours faihfully Maria del Mar.

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Hello I'm Rafa Gutierrez, from tourism class.
Your wiki is very and very interesting.
I live in twenty years old.
I like play football and listen music.
See you latter,

Hello Charo, I'm Isa Civantos, from tourism class.
I live in Orgiva and I'm twenty seven years old.
Your wiki is great, good job!
Thanks for your invitation.

Hi, I'm Isa again. I'd like to tell you something about me.
My hobbies are listening to pop music, reading, swimming,
playing football and basketball.
I love wacthing soap operas and go shopping in my free time.
I love enviroment too, that's because I studied Enviroment Sciences.
Hi, everyone! Please, check what you have written and try to make it better. See you in class! Charo.

Hello, Charo. I´m Mar.
Today is Monday 1st November, 2010
Kim, Joe and May get up at half past seven, they always * down a breakfast in the kitchen, at a cuarter to eight.
Her mother gives them, a lot of kiss.
At half past eigth in the morning, it´s cold,they take a bus.
At nine oclock * begin the class.
Her name is teaches is Popin,the name is rare, but she´s very nice.
At half past four * come on at home.
They arrive at half past four, * see tv and at half past six dinner all family.
After dinner, they does study in the bedroom.
At nine o´clock, we do come asleep.

Good Night, Mar.
GOOD JOB!!! Try to correct the mistakes!!! Charo.

Watch this video. It´s really interesting!!!

Let me show you the Albayzín. El club de las ideas

Just click and enjoy the video!

eye.gif BLOG del CICLO



Hi Charo! I'm Isa, from tourism class.
I'd like to tell you about Halloween's day.
The day before Halloween we cooked some cakes and we made our pumpkin.
Her name is Rodolfa. Maria del Mar looked for the halloween dresses and I bought
Rafa's head knife. Next day we got dress in protocolo's class and we made-up.
We were waiting for you in class with the lights off and the windows closed. We wrote
Happy Halloween on the blackboard.
We wanted give you a surprise but you didn't came to class, so we went upstairs to the library.
You were there with another pupils.
We were playing some Halloween's games.
We spent a very good (and frightening) day!!!!
See you in class

Hi, Charo. Happy year. Today is Monday 10 th January,2011

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goodbye. mar